How LiquiShield Works!

Our DEX addresses the issue of rug pulls through an innovative solution. Firstly, we have implemented an advanced liquidity lock mechanism that ensures once liquidity is added or a liquidity pool is created, it cannot be removed by anyone, including the developers. The liquidity is locked automatically for a specified period of time (a duration of time that we have specified). This provides investors with peace of mind and protects their funds from being maliciously drained.

Testnet (Goerli): Liquidity Locked Duration is set to 5 mins, for testing purposes.

Mainnet: Liquidity Locked Duration will be set to 2 months, or community vote decision

Our DEX is aimed at all the new projects or tokens that launches every day. By automatically locking the liquidity, we completely eradicate the possibility of "Liquidity Removal Rug" on new launches. Once the locked duration is over, the developer can relock the liquidity through our DEX or through another liquidity locker app. In the next section, we will check how our DEX solves the problem of two major rug pulls i.e. Liquidity Removal and Honeypot.

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